What Is Probate And Estate Administration?

If you die without a will (intestate), your property passes to your heirs according to law, with no influence from you on the manner of the distribution of your property to your heirs. If you were prudent enough to have a will (testate) or estate plan, an executor is typically named to handle the probate process. In either case, if you are called upon to assist a family or friend as an estate administrator or as an executor, you want to engage a knowledgeable attorney for assistance with the probate process.

The probate process, also called succession proceedings, is a judicial process filed with the court, which results in a judgment by the court regarding the ownership and disposition of property and assets contained in the decedent’s estate.

How Our Lawyers Can Help With Probate And Estate Administration?

The succession attorneys at The Cohn Law Firm, LLC are able to assist executors, spouses, children, heirs and estate administrators with the Louisiana probate process. We advise clients regarding which property is included in the estate and how the distribution process works according to the law and according to any estate planning documents (wills or trusts).

In Louisiana, wills are generally not contested. In those instances where they are, we also represent estate administrators, heirs and potential heirs in probate litigation.

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Please visit our Probate and Estate Planning FAQ for additional information about probate and estate administration.