Resolving Real Estate Disputes Without Going Broke

A dispute over real estate can threaten the financial well-being of any key player, whether they are an owner, seller, buyer, lender or commercial landlord or tenant. It is vital to seek and find cost-effective resolutions that do not compromise the bottom lines of any party that is under siege because of a dispute that seems headed for litigation.

At The Cohn Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys are as ready as any other trial lawyers to prove points in court and win cases for our clients. However, as experienced litigators, we also realize that it is not always in a client’s best interests to fight to the bitter end over a divergence of perspectives.

As Kenny Rogers sang, “you got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” Our real estate litigators help clients determine the right decisions in their own best interests. We then help them pursue the right outcomes through the most appropriate legal maneuvers.

Our Baton Rouge Real Estate Attorneys Help Clients Make Sound Decisions When Disputes Arise

A large part of our real estate litigation practice consists of evaluating cases and helping clients make measured decisions about how to resolve disputes by:

  • Completing the purchase of an office building when a deal goes sideways before the transaction is completed (or a change in course)
  • Settling a boundary dispute cost-effectively with an adjacent property owner over a planned or existing shopping mall or strip mall development
  • Taking a real estate dispute to mediation, arbitration or court

We evaluate the facts, consult with experts and guide our clients along the paths to resolution of real estate disputes to our clients’ advantage whenever possible.

For Advocacy And A Productive Path Forward In Real Estate Litigation

Our real estate trial attorneys in Baton Rouge have 85 combined years of experience. We are confident that we can help you through any high-end residential or large-scale commercial real estate dispute while minimizing risks and obstacles.

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