What The Cohn Law Firm, LLC, Can Do For Commercial Lenders

Commercial lenders in need of dependable, effective legal counsel in Louisiana often turn to our Baton Rouge-based law firm for assistance with contracts, resolution of disputes with borrowers and enforcement of securities interests under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

With more than 85 combined years of legal experience, our lawyers are ready to tackle urgent, complex matters as well as straightforward ones, such as drafting and formalizing lending agreements. As licensed Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company agents, we help our commercial lender clients streamline the delivery of legal solutions.

Ready For Action In Support Of Our Commercial Lender Clients’ Goals

Our commercial lender clients rely on us to stay on top of trends in both real estate and banking law that may affect their cases. Our attorneys shine in these and related areas of the law. We work hard to help lending institutions and officers avoid and overcome legal obstacles that may affect the success of their commercial and residential lending portfolios.

Examples of legal services that we provide to banks, credit unions and investor pools include the following:

  • Closing mortgage financing for major construction projects and general commercial real estate transactions.
  • Refinancing of large-scale retail, health care, industrial and other properties.
  • Devising and administering lines of credit for property owners and developers.
  • Issuing enforceability opinions for major proposed transactions.
  • Reviewing, drafting, negotiating, formalizing and troubleshooting major property loans involving multiple – often multistate – creditors.
  • Helping clients devise and document oil and gas-related commercial purchases, sales and leases.

We represent creditors when borrowers enter Chapter 11 or other types of business bankruptcy involving loans covering real estate and other assets.

Enforcing Securities Interests

Our attorneys procure and manage liens for the enforcement of our clients’ securities interests.

Specifically, we draft and process liens for real estate and goods for purposes of enforcing securities interests. We help clients repossess assets that make up the collateral named in liens.

Welcoming Local And Out-Of-Area Commercial Lenders

Our corporate and commercial clients come to us from throughout Louisiana and the U.S. when they have legal issues in Louisiana. We collaborate with out-of-state law firms as necessary to enable them to deliver just-right services for their clients.

To discuss your legal needs as a commercial lender of any size, variety or location, call us at 888-339-7805 or send an online inquiry.