Protecting Creditors’ Rights

Located in Baton Rouge, the business lawyers at The Cohn Law Firm, LLC, represent lenders, including banks or other financial institutions throughout Louisiana. Much of our success is due to our ability to provide cost-effective legal services without sacrificing quality. Our team of attorneys has experience in representing businesses and business owners in creditors’ rights issues.

Our creditors’ rights work allows you the peace of mind to focus your efforts on other aspects of your business.

Creditors Whom We Serve

Our clients in need of creditors’ rights counsel include large-scale banks, financial institutions, local credit unions, real estate investors who create private loans and property equity lenders.

These and other creditors in the field of real estate lending seek our help to collect on defaulted loans, carry out foreclosures and/or mitigate losses in connection with bankruptcies and other property finance and recovery issues.

Our Creditors’ Rights Services

We represent and protect creditors in a variety of legal matters and commercial transactions, including the following creditor rights services:

  • Foreclosure on real estate and movable goods: Our attorneys often work with lenders seeking recovery of loans in default that were obtained for the purchase of commercial property, manufacturing equipment, substantial retail inventories and other types of properties and valuable goods.
  • Enforcement of securities in conformance with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC): This typically means facilitating repossession of collateral, per the rules set out in the UCC. A creditor might physically take the collateral if they can do so peacefully, or they may file a lawsuit seeking a claim and delivery order from a court.
  • Mortgage foreclosure (sometimes called “replevin”): We help lenders prepare for and carry out foreclosure of properties that have fallen into serious default. After a foreclosure is completed, we help lenders get occupants and their collateral removed from a property if necessary.
  • Creditor representation in bankruptcy: We protect our clients’ rights in 341 creditors’ meetings for Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy. We help them challenge debtors’ attempts to get discharges for second mortgage loan balances and other debts.
  • Enforcement of security interest: Examples of security interests are deeds of trust, mortgages, security agreements and judgment liens.
  • Collection of debts: This catch-all description covers all other types of debts besides those for mortgages and movable goods stored on properties. We help clients enforce the terms of loans, including the collection of interest, late fees and penalties. If a borrower has died, we pursue relief for our clients through the borrower’s estate in a timely manner.
  • Business litigation: Our services include prosecution and defense of a full range of breach of contract claims, business divorces and dissolutions, shareholder protests and more.

Experienced Attorneys Ready To Inform And Serve You And Your Business

Get answers to your questions about creditors’ rights. Bring your individual topics of concern to the attention of our creditors’ rights attorneys. Find out how we can help you protect your business and security interests or to discuss your creditors’ rights matter with an experienced Louisiana business lawyer.

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