Making The Most Of Commercial Real Estate Investments And Projects

Commercial real estate holdings are increasingly strategic assets for investors nationwide and worldwide. With inflation, rising interest rates, national disasters and the effects of social unrest threatening many asset portfolios, commercial investors continue to hold on to commercial real estate as part of a sound foundation for profitable asset portfolios.

At The Cohn Law Firm, LLC, our Louisiana commercial real estate attorneys understand the importance of guiding clients well as they navigate the world of commercial real estate. Our lawyers bolster our clients’ confidence in their ability to properly handle commercial real estate as a field for investment as well as for the carrying out of business plans.

Understanding And Navigating The Ways Of The World In Commercial Real Estate

Our attorneys assist investors, owners, sellers and others in tried-and-true methods of protecting investment portfolios by:

  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating and finalizing deals for buying, selling and developing commercial properties
  • Helping clients form business entities to hold commercial real estate portfolios
  • Consulting with investors about potential commercial real estate investments
  • Assessing the pros and cons of proposed construction projects and purchase or lease transactions
  • Providing clients with step-by-step instructions and interpretations of legal aspects of buying, selling, and leasing commercial and high-end residential properties

Our team helps property owners and investors manage 1031 exchanges, carry out smooth real estate transactions, understand the legal aspects of land use and development and protect their interests in real estate dispute resolution.

Title Insurance Services

Unlike in other states, attorneys and law firms in Louisiana are able to act as agents for title insurance companies. This means that you can essentially use our law firm as a one-stop shop without having to also find someone to examine title insurance or address other title insurance issues that come along with commercial real estate matters.

Our attorneys work with the following title insurance underwriters: Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, WFG National Title Insurance Company, and Pulsar Title Insurance Company, Inc.

Get Off On The Right Foot In Commercial Real Estate

Players in the commercial real estate scene include prospectors, developers, buyers, sellers, commercial landlords and business tenants. Any individual or organization with irons in the fire in commercial real estate deals or disputes needs sound legal counsel along with sound financial footing. Our experienced advisors help clients prevent and solve problems along the way to profitability in commercial real estate investing.

To schedule a consultation about a pending deal or strategize in a more general way about projects under consideration, call us at 888-339-7805 or complete our online inquiry form. We will consider your successes and setbacks to be ours, too, when we advise you on commercial real estate plans and projects.